19 Sep 2009


Put on your best AYEEEs and ARRRRs and ME HEARTIES for today is the official day to talk like a pirate! Go on... unleash your inner buccaneer! This swashbuckling beauty (you see above) appeared on Alex's birthday cake last night; a little candle-boy from SmallObject with a little eye patch and hat I fashioned from paper!

ARRRRR... Where does the week go? Where DO Saturdays go? Its already after lunch!

And I've got sugar flowers to make, a birthday cake to ice, a dress to refashion, a Scarlet-from-gone-with-the-wind costume to organise, a performance to prepare, a front and back garden to sweep, a late lunch to have, an orange to peel, a load of washing to be hung out to dry...

But I have made the cameral mud cake, picked camerlias from the garden, and cleaned my room dancing to Jose Gonzalez... So there may be hope for me yet.

Happy Weekend ME HEARTIES!

Over and out
from the cake-making pirate lady


  1. ARRRRR Yourrrrrrrrr very busy, but it all sounds exciting! Dont forget to take a few deep breaths!

    i hope the rest of today goes along smoothly.

  2. Where do Saturdays go? - you're quite right. I've spent mine re-writing a Romeo and Juliet essay. I mean who cares who's responsible for their deaths! Well me but anyway...:)

    It makes me smile that you're so happy...

  3. Arrr! I'm sad to have missed the offical pirate day...I think maybe I will have my own pirate day (unofficically)!
    Thankyou Emily for your lovely encouraging words. The verses you posted on my blog were a great encouragement to me :)
    God bless you lovely lady,
    Love Martine


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