30 Aug 2009

The Revelation Cake

Yesterday we celebrated the one year birthday of the Revelation Ceiling - you may remember it from last year. The artwork was wholly inspired from the book of Revelation (which is so worth reading and re-reading) and took the artist 7 years to complete.

We decided to have a little morning tea celebration to mark its birthday and I vonulteered to make some sort of birthday cake - a moist chocolate cake with blue icing and an ever-repeating rainbow; any excuse for using smarties really, and it did seem fitting...


  1. oh my word!
    that cake is the prettiest cake I've ever seen!!

  2. I love it! This cake has brightened the gray day I see outside the window.

    Hoping you are well Emily!

  3. That is a stunning ceiling and beautiful rainbow cake. How did you know I love Smarties :-) lol

  4. I must say that I personally prefer M&Ms but that is the brightest cake! And your photos of the ceiling really do it justice. Thankyou for brightening my day, my dear!

  5. gorgeous!! nice work, you are always outdoing yourself.

  6. its is such a colorful cake, it would almost be a shame to slice it, but im sure a lot of yumminess waits inside ;)

    wow that ceiling is so gorgeous. One day i was walking on king st with my mum and we came and had a quick look at your church :)

    oh and we are studying the book of revelations at my school for pastrol care :)

    oh and that drawing for the fabric is simply lovely, its going to look sooo beautiful, especially as a summer dress ;)

    aaaand my comments are sooo long, but thats okay, this is the only way i can talk to you :)

    have a sunshiny Monday afternoon...
    love, ailin.

    oh p.s sorry but i have to tell you, i hugged the best tree yesterday and wished you could could hug it too :)

  7. How brilliant! Gorgeous cake!

  8. NOT JUST SMARTIES....but sweedish berries to boot! This cake was sent to you as a dream from the heavens above.

    Jesus loves that cake:)
    And I love you.


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