23 Aug 2009

Weekend Revelations

Weeding the garden can be quite a refreshing and hilarious task (to watch) and participate in

Provided you don't sit or step in dog surprises.

Dyeing fabric by hand is incredible fun -

And a very good way to inject life into clothes of boring (or unwearable) hues is to dye them red or black or blue.

Pomelos ARE in season - and ARE sitting on the kitchen bench.

Winter is over and summer is fast approaching.

The Cure still sound brilliant on vinyl.

A bit of chaos on Sunday morning is good for you

So is a bit of tiramisu on Sunday afternoons with dear friends.

Dusk is best watched ontop of a grassy pyramid

so is dreaming of the future-

I will not forget my camera next time.


  1. Oh it all sounds so lovely! I always mean to try dyeing my clothes, but I have only ever done it once and it turned out well so I should really try again! I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend, sounds like it was full of simple pleasures which are always the best kind x x

  2. additional revelations:

    peppermint tea tastes better shared, some people want to jump on pumpkins much like I want to bounce a pomelo like a basket ball, some native plants are best left alone, close friends and a lover make me the richest man alive, an extra added bonus - like a girlfriend who sings along to tool in the car late at night - is a girlfriend who sees the beauty in pulling weeds in the poop infested parts of the world and then blogs about it!

  3. ...total agreement there, Alex. There is only one beautiful Emily in the whole wide world. You ARE the richest man alive!


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