31 Aug 2009

Ode to Winter

Where do I begin with you?

How can so much
have passed
in so little time?

You have been crisp
wide with hope.
After being asleep
for so long,
You have woken me up.

You have seen my dreams,
the ones I hold close
and fast to my heart
flutter out in the breeze,
and come true -
More beautifully than
I could have imagined.

Winter you have seen me
love again,
love fully,
unreservedly -
and dance unfettered,
among the stars.

I try to count
on my fingertips
all I'm thankful for
and it never seems to end.

I close my eyes and
think back to last season -
how much my life changed then,
and I can tell you
if my life was jumping around then
This winter,
its done a somersault over a ravine

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are the coolest.

But please,
bring on Spring -
I am welcoming the sunshine,
bright-eyed and smiling...

I am ready.


  1. I hope that's an metaphorical back flip off a ravine!

    Perhaps off the lover's leap?

    I imagine myself free falling with you, doing some random sky diving routine on the way down.

  2. Love you Emily! So beautiful! Although I personally wish we could have Spring and skip Summer so we can have Autumn and Winter again!

  3. Happy first day of Spring to you my dear friend!

    may this spring bring more happiness to you than what winter brought ;)

    and i hope summer wont be tooooo hot, but it most likely will......but what can we do .

  4. Beautiful!

    Although it is not officially autumn here it certainly feels like it on this September 1.

  5. I heart this post so much -- such beautiful images and words. I'm smitten!

  6. It has been truly amazing watching the growth in your photographs even in just the last year - the compositions are stellar and the emotions you are able to grab are breathtaking.

    When is your book coming? The one with the poetry and photographs?


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