7 Aug 2009

Mr Magnolia

Last year he was almost there -
recovering from a
very traumatic

But today
as mum was pulling
in the washing
she called out to me -
and we stood under his
frail branches
and watched
his blooms dance
in the wild wind.

Mr Magnolia was dancing -
dancing with all his might,
dancing without fear of being blown over,
dancing boldly
dancing beautifully
for us -
for the sky
and our rickety fence,

dancing because he can,

because all things grow


  1. Lovely! I've often wondered what this tree/plant is when I've seen it growing here. Now I know! So glad your little magnolia made it thru <3

  2. Yes they do, my sweet, awesome friend, yes they do!

    hopeful and happy, i loved it :)

  3. A masculine magnolia? Hmmm - it's an interesting thought but I like it. Doing away with stereotypes I see, Emily.

  4. What recipe did you use for your date icecream, by the way 'cos I need one for my birthday?

  5. "From, Little things, Big things Grow; From Little things, Big things Grow..." so sings Paul Kelly!


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