26 Aug 2009

Happy 400 and 2!

And the celebratory pomelo in all her devoured glory!

Love and more love to you all,


  1. May there be, at the very poetic least - 400 more!

  2. You are not only sweet but are truly a breath of fresh air. So nice to see and hear you!

    Thank you dear Emily for inspiring us all in your art, life and words. You are an incredible spirit and I am so very glad I came across your blog.

    Here is to many more posts to come!

    Love Pummelos! I'll have to pick one up at my next trip to the grocer.

  3. Aww, it was so wonderful to see and hear you. I haven't known you for so long but you inspire me on this side of the world to do more with my creative self. I haven't quite got there yet, but am moving toward it, thanks to you and Shell. Both of you amazing ladies. Continue being your blogging best. With love from Canada, Joyful

  4. you're the cutest. i love being able to put voices to faces! i almost forgot you were australian actually...happy 400!

  5. Mine is a fresh pot of Earl Grey, but I am at work so my plain blue mug wil have to do (though I guess that is somewhat appropriate). ;)

    Cheers to you dear!

  6. That was just lovely...

    I loved watching your sweet video - it's almost like meeting you...

  7. This post was brilliant. I love the video idea. All the subtleties of your personality that I am not able to see through the computer screen shine through. But, you are just as I had imagined. =)

  8. oh em!
    joel and i gushed about you on the way to get our volkswagon fixed. i had not yet seen this, but joel doted on your lovely soul.

    it went something like this:

    -joel, "did you see the windhover's video blog?"
    -candace, "oh was it the one with the lemons? i saw that there was a video but didn't know it was her!"
    -"it was a pomello, but yes, it was her. Did you know she had an Australian accent?"
    -"WHAT? Really? I never put those two together, how stupid of me. Was she every bit as charming as we thought?"
    -"Yes, pretty much. She's so poised and lovely."
    -"Are you crushing on em?"
    -"Yeah, she's my cyber crush."

    And so I had to watch it! Of course I loved it!! I wished so badly that I were sitting across the table with you...those deep wellsprings of eyes. You truly are such a beauty.

    So, Chateau Booklings adores you and your accent.

  9. Emily, you are awesome, i love you!

    I loved being able to hear your sweet voice, now i feel as if i know you even better!

    im looking forward to reading and seeing more and more of your beautiful stories, i will never tire of them, or your art.

    Ive told you this before, but i am just SO happy to know somebody like you, SO sooooooooo much (im sorry but this is the only way that i can express this)
    Oh when can i give you a big, BIG hug? in the meantime, i guess a BIG cyberhug will have to do :) *Here*

    you make me So happy, thank you sweet friend :)

    oh and p.s i've never had a pomello, but maaaaaaan they are a cool looking fruit :)

  10. Emily, my goodness it was so amazing to see and hear you on your gorgeous little video. You are just as I always imagine you, the way you talk, your voice, everything. Isn't that funny? I think you are the inspiring one. It always brings me a lot of comfort and joy to know that you are in the world. Thank you for you. Happy 400th post too! That's amazing!

  11. what a nice post ^_^
    you are drop dead gorgeous beautiful amazing!!

  12. I agree with Candice--You are darling! I'm excited to poke around your blog. There is a lot of beauty around here I can already tell!

  13. Sigh.

    I knew there was a reason for loving you. Because there's goodness welling up out of your hands, heart, soul, throat. All goodness. Not one bad seed there at all.

    And thank you for inspiring me. I love you to your very bones.

  14. Ooooh, you're so adorable! Happy 400 post.
    Oh, I'm totally in love with your teacup btw ;-)

  15. Dear, Dear Emily,

    That was a true delight! There really is something wonderful about seeing the way words come out of your mouth, and the way your eyes dance around as you think - not to mention how lovely it is to hear your voice!

    You really do inspire me (and many more I'm sure), and as an artist, I know this blog is only a piece of your wellspring of creativity. Keep writing, drawing, sewing, photographing, looking, listening, and dreaming because ALL of it is part of the beauty of your soul.

    Sending love half-way around the world,
    - Umber

    p.s. And I agree, a pommello is a fine fruit for a great many things, eating, throwing, rolling down the supermarket aisle... not that I've done that...


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