4 Aug 2009

is wearing hibiscus
is being prodded by Kitten
is making tagine for dinner
and icing a birthday cake
is never quite fitting in everything that needs to be done
is hopelessly daydreaming
and picking up new projects -
is drinking tea,
covering books,
wearing shoes with holes in the toes,
opening a dictionary -
did I mention wearing hibiscus?


  1. pretty as pretty can be :)

    sometimes it just doesnt feel like winter, (this morning it did though!)
    I think i saw some blossoms on a tree from the window on my bus ride home, or maybe i imagined it? No im pretty sure they were real :)

    have yourself a brilliant and relaxing tuesday evening Emily :)

  2. Thank you Ailin, we are mostly blessed with our Sydney weather (though I wish winter was a bit colder, greyer, icy, and if it were possibly snowy) - And I've been seeing blossoms everywhere, and magnolias AND even jasmine - which I am told is meant to come out in September!! I can't wait for Spring, but I'm not going to do away with the crisp mornings just yet. Bless you sweet friend!

  3. Daydreaming no matter what over is never hopeless if it makes us happy, Emily. That hibiscus is beautiful by the way!

  4. I love crisp mornings and I remember a few from my visits to Sydney so long ago. Your pose with the Opera House behind you made me reminisce. I love Sydney!And hibiscus :-)


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