17 Aug 2009

August 17th

I watched
the setting sun
from our rock,

You missed
a kite flying
in the distance,
the sparkling star in the east,
the whispering trees
and the wind
wild in my hair -

In the past
two months
we have
and seen so much sky -
You know how I feel,
And I know
you feel the great warmth
tickling my heart

It is joy.

On my way home,
I picked a bunch of jasmine -
I know it isn't time yet,
but think of it as an
extra early
birthday present -

a sweet presence,
like the ever-changing sky -

and I know
however far away you seem,
you see the same horizon.


  1. Such depth, beauty and seemingly such sadness... Take care dear friend. We must have tea again real soon...

  2. Who is this boy you speak of?

  3. Your words give me a feeling that I cannot describe. I hope you know how glorious you are x x

  4. mmmmmmm..... this post gave me a dreamy feeling...the soft words and the photos combined .

    have a dreamy Tuesday then :)

  5. beautiful photos -- such sweet blossoms!


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