18 Aug 2009

Art is

reawakening the senses;
to know a
wholeness of
body, mind and spirit,
which we seldom glimpse,
but which we are intended to know.

-George McDonald


  1. That is such a beautiful sketch - one of my favourites! I'm glad you've found your artistic self again!

  2. That was quick! This would make a good Christmas card.

  3. That is just awesome, i loved the story in the last post, it made me happy, i dont know why, but it did. Actually i do know why, it just IS a happy story and ofcourse it would make anyone reading it happy!

    Its so so great to know that the artist in you has been born again and is shining so beautifully and radiantly. The proof is in this beautiful drawing. I cant get enough of your drawings Emily, i think our drawings are related somehow :) (maybe they are sisters)

    im sending bag fulls of love your way :)

  4. What a wonderful George MacDonald quote. I am, at the moment reading "The Gentlewoman's Choice".

    Again, thank you for this beautiful sketch, and insightful phrase, of Praise.

  5. I'm so glad you have put some of your sketches up! Please can we see some more?


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