13 Jul 2009

This Morning

I awaken,
and I have had little sleep
but I am feeling so alive,
so full of love.
For the next three days
I'll be in Kangaroo Valley
on a women's prayer
and meditation retreat -
With mum
who last took me there
when I was but a few months old -
We will be among the beautiful bush,
without phone reception -
taking time to
Incline the ear of my heart -
to reflect -
and Be still,
(which is never easy for me)

Will you make time this week
to be still?
To remember who you are
and what you love
and stand for -
To find time to be good
to yourself,
to listen to birds
and watch clouds
haphazardly across the sky...

We are intended to be creative
to imagine,
to be spontaneous,
to live and love fully -
That I am sure of.


  1. How wonderful you are going on what sounds to be a lovely retreat with your mom! Thanks for reminding us all to take time to be still and incline our ear to God.

  2. How very special. When you get back I want to hear all about it! I will be thinking of you both in the beautiful Valley over the next few days - please think of us as we fly away tomorrow.

  3. Have a wonderful time.
    Blessings to you both.
    Listen for the small still voice.
    Pursue that which is good from the Lord,
    Which in turn, is what is good for you.


  4. you are going to have such an amazing time, i just know it!

    oh and thanks for that reminder to be still and reflect...

  5. I LOVE Kangaroo Valley. Have a wonderful time, it sounds like it will be amazing. Beautiful writing as always. I love your words x

  6. That sounds fantastic! Enjoy the retreat...thanks for the reminder to be still....so important...
    God bless you :)

  7. I will be thinking of you. Kangaroo Valley is more than an ample setting for your meeting. Remember to buy ice cream at the old time general store!

  8. Emily, my dear. Catching up on your blog posts makes me miss you so. You have been keeping yourself busy! I'm in Norway at the moment and enjoying it's beauty (even in the cities, even in the rain). We must definitely plan a trip here, you and I. I know you would love it. Can't wait to see you when I get back!


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