9 Jul 2009

Sewing Adventures

Long time no sew!
(sorry, couldn't help myself) But in all seriousness it has been a while since I really sat down and got comfortable with the sewing machine... I've been feeling a bit burnt out sewing-wise and too busy with other projects. However I began to get terribly inspired from these patchwork and embroidery books:
And decided to sew new yoga bags for the shop and an upcoming market (more on this soon) I give you Tudor Roses and Apple Love:
And a little peek at the fabric for bags to come:
I've also whipped up two pairs of cotton pants for stretching and slinking around in the house (for slinking is exactly what one must do when wearing purple pants)
In other sewing adventures I want to spend a moment or two praising the gentle handiwork of etsy seamstress Lirola - who made this delightful dress for me in black to my exact measurements:

It is soft and lovely, and those pleats! Oh, I would happily take one of everything from her shop...


  1. You look amazing in that custom-made for your enviable figure dress!

    I want yoga pants!

  2. Oh I love the fabrics you've selected for bags. I love the purple cotton pants and the custom dress. You look fabulous. I'd like to make some of those slinky pants you are wearing. Can you tell me specifically what kind of fabric you used?

  3. Mrs Bookling - says the woman who always looks brilliant! I have an idea re yoga pants and will contact you soon on the matter...

    And Joyful - thank you for your kind comment! the fabric I used for the pants in woven cotton; its soft and stretchy.

  4. Yes, I'm seconding the Mme. - the dress is absolutely beautiful and you look fabulous in it (jeeze - some svelte thighs you have - must be all the yoga!)!

    I've been eyeing her work for a while too... glad to hear such a glowing report. And I want to jump on the yoga pant train too! It's IMPOSSIBLE to find yoga pant to fit my giraffe-like legs!


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