10 Jul 2009

Pine Blue

This is Pine Street. It is a community arts centre in Chippendale where I took two terms in print-making last year but for the past 9 weeks I've been taking ceramic classes. And even though I've only be able to make about half of those classes it has been a great deal of fun. Ever since I perused beautiful Islamic tiles in Spain and Morocco I've wanted to try making them - these are the results:
The tiles are made using a tile-cutter on slabs of clay I have rolled out to the desired thickness. I then dried them flat with weights and patterned them using underglaze in two different shades of blue:
There are four rose designs
A babushka family (just to prove they FABULOUS even in tile form)
And some random tiles that incorporate Islamic, Aboriginal and doodling influences:
Drawing on tiles is not as easy or straight forward as I first thought; and the need to do a few layers often makes for smudgy thick lines. Likewise the overglaze has to be even (a few bubbly surfaces make light of this) and in stacking the tiles on top of each other in the kiln the bottoms of the tiles were left with an imprint (see above) - which I think is actually pretty cool.
In my very first week - before I went tile crazy - I had a go at hand-building on the weel... it is so difficult and messy and tremendeously fun. After many MANY collapsed attempts I made this little jug, and decided to pattern it up too.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these tiles yet - whether I'll wait to make a few more, give them away, keep them as table coasters or frame them up to hang somewhere.
At the moment I'm just enjoying waking up in the morning and seeing all this bright, crazy, squiggly blue looking back at me -
and imaging a whole wall,
or the wall around my stove
in my future kitchen
tiled completely blue...


  1. I love the tiles! And for the record, that wee mug is TERRIBLY impressive for your first go on the potter's wheel (and I know - and I still make shameful messes and squatty pots sometimes!).

  2. When I was in Mexico I had a thought about making a tiled/mosaic table. Perhaps a wrought-iron edge filed with cement and tiles? Not sure how easy that would be.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  3. Your talent amazes me! That is one good looking mug for your first time.

  4. Oh I love those tiles -- I would love a kitchen full of them!!

  5. Those tiles are stunning Emily! But I love that jug - such a beautiful shape and that handle is so original.

  6. love, love, love!
    they are so beautiful, wow, just imagine a whole wall filled with those tiles!!!
    i would love to try tile making one day, it would be awesome!

    oh and i cant wait to know more about the upcoming market!!

    please let me know before the day its going to be on.

    have a splendid friday! (im on holidays now! :)

  7. Oh Emily this is all so wonderful! I have always wanted to take print making and ceramic classes! Everything you have made is so amazing! It all looks so professional! Wow the jug looks like an expensive bought one too! I can't stop with the exclamation marks! Love the blueness too :)

  8. Umber is right about that mug. Zounds! :)

  9. Your tiles are amazing!!! Beautiful!!!

  10. you know.
    i love blue too.
    i used to be ashamed of it -- because everyone else loves green.
    but not anymore.
    wish you could cover my kitchen for me.

  11. oooohhh. How great! You should definitely display them somehow. I love the various cultural influences that you've included. So pretty.

  12. Looks great! I think DIY is always about living and learning and making at least two extra trips to the store :).
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