20 Jul 2009

Monday Finds

I have been having such a lovely few days. My beautiful friend Alice has been staying with me for the weekend. And today we ventured on a promised King Street trawl in our best red clothes... We moved in and out of shops and parks and stumbled on so many unexpected, brilliant things;
electric guitar playing clowns,
forgotten plastic mammoths,
ancient tree trunks,
dappled light,
yellow wild flowers,
disgarded nests,
red blooming trees,
and of course the best soy chai in Sydney **Well spotted, it is from Corelli's**
(which is not a new find but is always worth reaffirming)

It is wonderful to have such a beautiful and obliging model in Alice. Who will humour me with all my photo and tree climbing antics and late-night metaphysical rants... Yes. If I wasn't already totally and completely smitten with this intelligent, contemplative, piano-playing, scrabble/tea/book/baking/craft enthusiast 14-year-old girl I am even more so now. She is such a treasure and I feel so blessed to be her friend.


  1. ohhhhhhhh, may i join too, pretty please?

    and, that tree..........oh yes!

    and that soy chai!!
    can you tell me where they have that? it looks really good!

  2. Oh, what a lovely looking Monday :)

  3. Wow, I love that tree...and the soy chai sounds divine on a winter's day. Happy day to you, from Vancouver.

  4. Is that soy chai from Corelli's? I used to live further down King St and winter days were filled with soy chais from there.

  5. I love love love finding discarded nests! Finders keepers :)

  6. Oh Emily you're killing me (in the best way) with that fabulous red outfit. The skirt! The shoes! Aaah perfection. Of course the birds nest was my other favourite! And how wonderful to have a 14 year old friend, I love having friends of all different ages x x


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