24 Jul 2009

Market Madness

Alright well I took on the task of organising a market (which is taking place tomorrow) and I had no idea just how much work that involved... even if it is a sweet "little" market like ours will be. There is SO SO much to do; prices to go on, tables to find, banners to paint, signage to go up (with only ONE day notice!), people to organise, gingerbread to bake...

If you're in sunny Sydney tomorrow and you feel like dropping by I would be so chuffed!

The market is from 9am-2pm
(depending on how things look)

Outside Annandale Uniting Church
81 Johnston Street,

There will be art and craft items, vintage clothes, bric-a-brac, jams and chutneys, baked sweets...

I am contributing:
*tote bags (including the two above)
*yoga bags
*babushka ceramics
*cards and bookmarks
*original sketches and prints
*butterscotch brownies

And profits go towards the Annandale Creative Arts Centre which is an initiative of my church to inspire creativity and the arts among young people and adults in the area!

Now I must get onto more signage and the painting of a makeshift banner - I've got a very worn and used yellow banner to work with.
Over and out,
from the busy
busy market lady


  1. Oh wow! You are a busy girl. The market sounds lovely. I wish I was close by to partake. Enjoy the day as much as you can though as organizer I guess you won't be able to rest til after it's over.

  2. So cool!!
    I can't wait to hear about your day!

  3. Oh! That's so lovely, I hope it's a great day! :)

  4. To the busy busy Market Lady,

    Wishing one the very best best day of fulfillment through hard yakka and Christian service!

    Tomorrow, I wish I lived in Sydney, nearer to Annandale, and to you.

    I will think of the through the day tomorrow and pray you have a wonderful day.


  5. That table looks DELICIOUS! And I can only imagine how good it must smell!

    I wish you a romping good market!

  6. Hope all goes well. Sounds like fun!


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