22 Jul 2009

A Little Pick Me Up

Because sometimes you really need them

I woke up a bit out of sorts this morning. I felt tired and headachey. I felt hot and fussy. I found myself getting overwhelmed at how much I need to get done today. Phone calls. A market to organise. Bags to sew. I found myself getting overwhelmed by the near future. Balancing all that I want to do with all that I can do. About university starting next week. Serious amounts of Arabic to catch up on. Emails to reply to. Then I starting thinking about how disorganised my life was looking, and my working desk in particular, then I felt my headache kick in a little more and decided to jump back into my unmade bed, pull the sheets over my head and dream about something a little more pleasant, a little less pressing...

I know I'm a person who every once in a while becomes overwhelmed in a debilitating way and I have always felt irritated and ashamed of it. But I've come to realise that there are simple ways I can remedy it - one thing I like doing is getting a GIANT white piece of paper and making a haphazard mind map of all the things I have swimming around in my head. It is good to get them all out and implement a new perspective. A little pick me up is good too - a short moment to soothe the self before the first thing is dealt with.

I decided my pick me up would include some of my favourite things:
The smokiness of Russian Caravan tea
The the tart sweetness of Swedish jam
and softness of ricotta cheese
the silkiness of Kitten's fur
when she rubs up against the clothes basket
The morning sun through the ferns
and the warm prickle on my toes

And here I am now. Feeling calmed and so much much less whelmed then I was before. I'm drinking a tall glass of water and I've already made a few phone calls. My headache is clearing and I'm actually smiling at how ridiculously worked up I was in bed with the covers over my head.


  1. Your honesty is a gift. Your bed covers, perhaps a brief shield - while you prepare for the onslaught!
    Never loose this honesty, it is the way out of the headachey mist - honesty is where you place yourself in God's hands, letting go of pride. Thank you for telling us (once again) about your heart.

    Bless you sweet friend.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you get a little overwhelmed at times, though am sorry it made you feel a bit panicky. Your schedule and all your projects make me envious of what you CAN DO. I was thinking you were superwoman =] and am glad to know you have limits like the rest of us. Truly I would love to do so much more than I do myself but have had to get real humble due to illness and rely on God myself as Shell is talking about. God bless you young woman as you continue to branch out in creativity and your walk with Him.

  3. Thank you both for your words and thoughts wonderful ladies!

  4. thats really all we need sometimes, those simple things, but we always forget......
    i learnt something from this post :)

  5. A bit of rationalisation under the covers goes a long way.

    When the mess in your head becomes a slightly more organised mess you'll be picking off those tasks one by one. Keeping doing the things that you love along with that and you'll keep on smiling :)

    Give it a little while and we'll see the return of SuperEmily! :P

  6. Oooh I feel this. Lately I'm so overwhelmed at what the near future has in store.

    It will be alright though -- it always is!

    (Also, is your cat's name Kitten? My grey cat is called Kitten ^_^)

  7. My dear girl, I know exactly what you mean when you say your overwhelmed-ness is debilitating! And the mind-map is a great idea, I do lots of lists and wall-paper my room with To-Do's, essay questions and timetables... I'm sure it doesn't help things get done faster itself, but it makes things so much easier somehow.
    I hope you're not feeling too overwhelmed now my sweet, let's take up our picnics again next semester :)

  8. I think you could have written this about me. It's a strange place to be in (and not at all fun) and sometimes the amount of effort it takes to step out of that hole is astounding.

    I make lists. And take long runs. And we always come back out into the light.


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