17 Jul 2009

Heavenly Father

Your creation
is magnificent.
I sit

with the breeze
in my hair,
listening to
the deep bush,
bird calls,
and your gentle Spirit
coming softly
with the wind -
The clouds above
move about the earth,
each day new
each day different.
I breathe in Your beauty,
the fresh air in my mouth,
my nose and lungs.
I imagine filling
my whole body
with Your light.

Bathing in Your
loving gaze,
shaded in Your great tree
and loving arms
wrapped round me.
I close my eyes
and open them to a new dawn -
I know
all my blessings
come from You.
You are all good
in my life passed
and life to come.
Hold me Father,
and beloved Son
let me rest awhile -
You are the arms
I have longed my life to feel -
Show me Your heart
that I may know mine.


  1. I love the feel of this new drawing.
    It feels.... windy.... to me.... if that could possibly make any sense.

  2. God is so magnificent and beautiful and awe inspiring.

    Except in Genesis 32:24 where he loses a wrestling match against Jacob and is forced to perform a miracle for his freedom.

    Belief in god is so rational, amirite?

  3. A beautiful poem...to rest in God's love and His Son is all we need,
    Love Martine

  4. That's beautiful Emily and so true.


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