31 Jul 2009

Colours I love

Of late: 
soft blossom red 
and daffodil yellow
reminding us that Spring is near

Right now:
Hopping and skipping in many shades of blue

This week:
going highlighter crazy with Arabic revision 
(the only excuse for using fluorescent colours I say)

This month:
quilting gently on my knees
through beloved fabrics

And slinging bright cotton and appliqué over my shoulder

Preparing and eating
lunches that are 
and bright
And watching 
saffron threads turn golden 
in cups of warm milk with honey -

that remind me of the daffodils,
and that Spring is near.


  1. mmmmmmmmm Just so, so pretty, a very joyful post.

    i LOVE that bag, you in that beautiful blue dress, those flowers, that lunch, that quilt to be and saffron and its colour.

    may you have the most colourful weekend my friend (that im sure you will ;)

  2. This post is just what I needed after such a stressful day.
    Much love!

  3. Oh the colour (and taste and smell) of saffron! Bring on spring I say...and saffron lassis too!

  4. Oh, wonderful. I agree with ailin this is such a joyful post. And as always Miss Emily, your joy for life and the world is contagious!

  5. Oh I love flowering quince too! It's started blooming here too and so of course I am wondering where I can find a wild bush to snip bits off :)

  6. This is indeed a joyful post and I enjoyed it so much, the colours, the food, the quilting...Is that a nacho dish?


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