15 Jun 2009

I want to let my
hair go,
and run barefoot
through the streets.

I feel like bursting
with laughter
on an overcrowded
peak-hour train,
or gently weep
at the library 

There are days
when I twirl
my umbrella in my hands,
skip instead of walk,
smile when
everyone else is frowning.

There are moments
in time
when I will sing
at the top of my lungs -
the name of my lover,
and of ancient truths.

I will sail a paper boat
in the ocean,
I will kiss violets,
and let ribbons fly in the wind.

I hope
I will be remembered for my love.


  1. I have missed your posts in the past days. But this did not disappoint. Wonderful wordsmith are you. You will be remembered for so many big things...

  2. Ah, but you will. It shines through your words and your art. Just lovely!

  3. so many great images.......i wish to do those things together one day.....i really, really do.

  4. Ahh, but how could we forget?!
    It is not everyday one is lucky enough to meet someone who is so ready to find beauty in life.

  5. Emily, your words are so beautiful. You give me goosebumps. I'm so glad you're in the world x x

  6. You'll certainly be remembered and are, my dear Emily. That is one of my favourite poems you've written. So beautiful - words cannot express although I'm sure yours could!

  7. I stumbled across your blog a little while ago; I believe via Ms. Fawn. You have a wonderful ability to weave words and images together. Lovely!

  8. Aw, this was sweet. I sometimes smile when others frown and skip in the rain myself. Isn't it lovely?!


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