19 Jun 2009


Monday, June 15th, 2009, 4.48pm. Catching the last whisps of dusk.

A revelation while poking around my room for study notes:

100 Polaroid films! I went crazy and stockpiled last year when I found out they weren't producing the film anymore... and then forgot I had them tucked away in a drawer in my room. I was shocked and terribly excited; they expired in May - but now in the fridge they should last a good while longer.

In celebration of the great Polaroid and to get cracking on using the film I've decided to take at least 1 photograph every day for a month - staring Monday June 22nd. I will also attempt to write a short (up to 20 words) spiel or poem with each shot. You are quite welcome to join in too. My Polaroid flickr page is looking pretty bare but I swears it'll be looking more presentable in a month's time.

I just love how unexpected, blurry, bright, over-exposed, exciting, instant Polaroid film is. It has the exact opposite effect of my SLR and I love that. So completely.


  1. Oh! I was so gutted when they stopped selling the film :( We used up the last of ours on my sisters 21st last year. But oh! How amazing are polaroids? I'm so jealous of all your film! :)

  2. Would love to do this. A friend has a polaroid for me that I have to pick up. So do you scan them and then upload them to share?

  3. awesome! i love that pile! oh, think of all the things you can capture!

    i dont have one so i cant join in, but i really cant wait to see all the photographs that you will take and read the poems you will write!

    have a sweet Saturday!

    oh and p.s. did you get my email??

  4. Elly, polaroids are the best! But I imagine your last film was well spent... I really hope they find a way to produce film once more.

    Dear Mme, I wish you could come along for the polaroid ride too... Yes the idea is to scan them and upload them to share - I'll try and make a flickr group too.

    Ailin, Thank you for your kind comments as always... I'll try and save some film for you and when we meet (which won't be too long away I hope) And yes I got your email and smiled so wide.


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