23 Jun 2009

Once More

Tuesday, June 23rd

Winter sky though unexpectedly warm in the sun. Rode the train to visit my sweet friend Sabella - who looks so haunting and beautiful against the maple tree. She denies it - but we see it plainly. Timeless beauty. Fresh scones. Steaming tea. Bedroom laughter. Watching (and hearing) the various exploits of her eight siblings. Dodging angry geese to pick violets. Dreams of the future...


  1. Yes, geese definitely need an attitude adjustment! I was nipped by those buggers several times as a child.

    I am loving your polaroid expeditions!

  2. I'm totally <3'ing winter skies that are THAT blue! Lovely, aren't they? :)

  3. wow, it's scary how haunting she looks. Loving the look of the winter sky through the trees as well!

  4. Sabella looks so beautiful and that orchard looking garden is so autumnal even in winter...


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