4 Jun 2009

My day in the mountains

With the dearest of friends
We soothed our souls
with mountain air,
wintry trees -
delicious food,
lively conversation -
visits to shops
and nostalgia for old houses
(and sites)
that hold so many special memories..


  1. I love, love, love this series of photographs. Where were you!? If I ever get down to Australia, I would like to visit this place.

  2. We're went up to the Blue Mountains (about an 1 1/2 hrs from Sydney) - its definitely a must see... never ceases to bring me joy!

  3. such beautiful pictures! i would love to go to the blue mountains one day soon.

  4. I never considered moving to Australia... until now. Truly, wherever there are forests, there also you will find a piece of my soul.

    Simply beautiful...

  5. my husband was swooning over this, as you can see. i am water, he is forrest. wherever the two meet, there is our passion found.

    that picture with the stone moss wall? wow!! all of these look like they jumped right off a magazine. such a place must have inspired such work.

  6. Beautiful my dear friend! Through these photos I can feel the spirit of such a beautiful place, and the fun you all have had.

  7. Dear Lord! Those photos are beautifully, breathtaking!

  8. amazing...i'm in love...

    by the way, did i tell you about believing nature yet? if not, take a look if you like, http://believingnature.wordpress.com :)

  9. The Everglade Gardens! I remember this place :)

  10. Beautiful photos! Sounds like the perfect day.

  11. I love the bluemountains So much too, i would like to live there someday. Those pictures really do bring out its beauty. I think autumn is the best time to go there, dont you?

    Now i want to be there, even though it will be cold.....Im so glad places like that exist

  12. I'm sure I've been to this garden! Isn't it wonderful? Love your photos of it :)


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