3 Jun 2009

Let me warm my heart by the flame

Let me cry with the clouds.
For a moment,
Let me say I am not yet ready,
that I have a long way to go.
And tell you I got another essay in,
a little late - but it is in.
Let me stew winter fruits
and bake warm pies,
Let me dry my jeans -
and warm my heart by the flame.
Let me laugh for crocheting
fingerless mitts that look like medieval armour,
and start again
(in a darker shade grey)
At this moment -
Let me tell you my dreams;
of running my hand
through the water of the Dead Sea
and ushering prayers for peace -
Smelling the breeze off
the Gulf of Aden...
Of smiling at the faces of friends;
who I love so well,
but have never met -
and holding a bunch of lilacs to my chest.


  1. oh oh! the autumn of your soul...

  2. I will come with you to the Dead Sea, & the Gulf of Aden. From there we will go and explore Syria & Lebanon...

    You are doing just fine dear babe. Hang on.


  3. all of these images of winter, it is truely here now and i miss the warmth of the sun at times, but i dont mind the mist in the mornings i guess.

    i think your hand mitts are cool even though they look like medieval armor.

    i hope life is treating you well and that you are happy and that assessments are not stressing you out,(im in the middle of doing a science one).

    have a warm and cosy night :)

  4. Oh such wonderful words! Makes me feel alive and grateful that there are so many kindred spirits like your adorable self in the world x


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