24 Jun 2009

I will kiss violets

Oh boy oh boy was I excited when I saw a myriad of violets growing in the geese pen in my friend Sabella's garden yesterday. In order to get at them without the geese attacking me with their mid-afternoon fury Sabella and I devised a plan for her to distract them with lettuce and stick waving. Meanwhile I jumped the high wire fence (kinda regretting that now) and picked as many as I could.

I love violets. They are my favourite of favourites. I love their gentle petals, fragrance and brilliant purple shade. I love to eat them too. There's not a great deal of violet recipes; they're a bit old fashioned but I'd like to see that change. Lets bring violets back in.

Next visit I'm going to try and pick a few more bunches so that I can make violet syrup - which can be used for cocktails, ice cream, sorbet, cakes, creme-brulee and more...

But today I savoured my dear little bunch in a crunchy salad:

And gently warmed with milk and honey:

Oh violets,
how you make me sing,
quote Wordsworth -
tap my toes,
lick my lips
smile so wide.
I dream of making
a soft bed out of you
or sewing your tiny petals
to make a marvellous
spring coat -
I would start a violet farm
and let the children pick
haphazardly with me
on Sundays.
Oh violets,
How I love thee!

Over and out,
from the violet lady


  1. the violets were definently worth getting attacked by crazy geese!! :) how beautiful - i didn't realise violets could be used for so many things!

  2. oh just so lovely, you make it seem like its spring, even though i am sitting here shivering from the inside out and holding my hot cup of tea yet needing something warmer.

    The only flower ive ate are lavenders, but they look yummy too :)
    and they definitely seem like your type of flower.

  3. Vunderful Wiolets.
    Vunderful words.
    Vunderful woman.

    Sweet post.

  4. Violets and geese hey? You haven't seen anything till you've seen our chickens Emily! Violet syrup also sounds delightful... Sugary liquid purple...

  5. Emily, Emily, Emily . . . I adore that photo of you smelling those tiny violets. Sigh. I did not know you could eat them, but how wonderful for them to become a part of you. Gorgeous photos :)

  6. I love this post, the poem & the violets! The photos are so beautiful, I am right there with you when reading this post...

  7. Oh! I've never had the violet-pleasure but what I wouldn't give for a steaming cup of them with honey!

    And as far as you being the Violet Lady,

  8. What a delightful looking concoction, the milk, honey and violets!!

  9. Amazing shots, as usual!

    Esp that last one!

  10. Oh that's brilliant! I never knew you could do so much with violets :)

  11. Well I just had no idea!
    What beautiful ideas -- I especially love it with milk and honey!

  12. Gorgeous!

    The sweet scent and taste of violets!

    Your salad looks delicious!

  13. I love violet syrup in champagne. Your salad looks amazing, such beautiful, bold colors.


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