18 Jun 2009

A Day of Essays and Berets

Finishing essays,
wanting to crochet
berets -
and talk to the trees.
Instead marching on
making word count,
flurrying into the
international comparative literature
essay in hand -
beret on head.
I've made a black one and red one now.
And they're so soft and comfortable -
I'm telling you
berets are back in
(not that they ever went out in my books)

Finding post on the way home,
Two little bird prints
by the beautiful
Mexican artist
Geninne D. Zlatkis
I think Mexico
produces some brilliant stars
(Frida especially)

And I also found
this beautiful leaf -
I'm certain that
it was smiling at me,
radiating up
from the concrete.

I hope you're having a bright Thursday.
Can I tell you that everything is marvellous?
That I am feeling really good.
Really good.


  1. That is indeed, very good Windhover.
    : )

  2. i am happy that you are feeling really good, you are looking really good, and that leaf looks really good, your berets are really good and it all really is good.


  3. I am so happy that you're feeling great Emily. It makes up for my rubbish day. I can't wait to learn to crochet though. :)

  4. It fills me with joy to hear of your happiness. ^_^ And the berets turned out beautifully, despite your concerns when we last spoke. I can't wait to see you again after I get back from Melbourne, although it will be all to brief before I leave again. Ah well... Enjoy your holiday freedom. ^_^

  5. Love your berets, they look devine!
    So glad that you are in high spirits.
    Thankyou for your kind words, they always bring my heart encouragment!

  6. Oh my goodness -- you should sell those pretty berets!
    I would love to put one on my head ^_^

  7. Ok, it's official. You are the most beautiful, delightful, glowing, adorable creature ever! And you make it all look so effortless! Your berets are fantastic, I love them, I think the red might be my fav. And of course that leaf radiated up to you from the concrete, they always do for the people who love them. And I'm so glad you are feeling great, I really am x x

  8. Oh! I love that you crochet! After I saw your last post I pulled out a scarf that I'd started but never finished. Unfortunately it appears that I've forgotten some crucial things cause my scarf has tapered into a triangle rather than a rectangle! :)

  9. love that leaf. bleeding from within, but still green and alive...and beautiful.


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