6 Jun 2009

Babushka Love

I really love babushka dolls. I mean I really REALLY do. I know babushka isn't even the right term for them - it should be "matryoshka" (babushka means "grandma") or nesting dolls. But I don't care; I love them and I love calling them babushkas. There is something so bright and comforting, womanly and delicate about them... the variety of designs, mediums in which they appear is astoundingly diverse and never ending.

In my time
I have found and bought a set of Beatles babushka dolls,
been given a surprise set of golden-haired (sickle-wielding) dolls under my pillow,
bought the ones above on the recent mountains trip,

I have acquired a sizable babushka bag;
a wee purse for my music-making device;
yards and yards of cotton that I envision as skirts, aprons, pillows;
I am even known to wear them in my ears;
A few weeks ago I took part in an exhibition and made babushkas my theme - My items are now safely home and in the shop:
Babushka Lady Print $25
Nesting Doll Family Print $25
Two Blue Babushka totes (featuring my one-of-a-kind cotton) $23 and $23
And lastly my dearly loved Babushka Spoon Rest $26

Now I am just waiting on my unpainted wooden babushkas to arrive,
which I can already see
dancing along my window sill
in blue gathered skirts
with tiny cornflowers
and wide smiles...


  1. You are so inspiringly creative, Emily, it is truly amazing!

  2. Thank you sweet Alice; but so are you!

  3. This post has left me with a wide smile! I am the same with Babushka love myself - how could anyone not be?! Your acquisitions and your own Babushka creations are just wonderful. I may need to have another look in that etsy shop of yours...

    : )

  4. Aaw. Emily, I can just imagine those wooden babushkas travelling around your room amongst some of the other amazing oddities :)

  5. Oh these are so pretty! I love my little nesting doll print :)

  6. You really do love babushka and it is clear they inspire you =] All of them are lovely.

  7. You are just ridiculously clever! I don't know how you draw those amazing pictures with just a blue biro! I love the bag and the ipod holder too :)

  8. i learnt just a little bit more about you, cool. All of those things are so pretty!
    By the way, how did your exhibition go? im pretty sure it was a success.

    oh and one more thing i went to the mountains yesterday, and thought of you :)


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