26 May 2009

Tuesday Bliss

I am taking part in dear Candace's challenge of doing one self-pampering thing everyday for a week. Things are busy and stressful at the moment so it is a good way for me to take time every day to sit back and enjoy being. I awoke blearly-eyed this morning to finish off an essay; knowing that I would soon be meeting up with Jess for a picnic lunch was the best motivation.
We held our picnic by the pond -
in dappled light,
Watching autumn sky -
talking and laughing,
and being generally good to our souls.
I made banana, sour cream and chocolate muffins the night before (Monday's indulgence was licking the bowl and spoons + supping on oven-fresh muffins at 11pm). They are perfectly moist and the hit of dark chocolate bits is divine.

2 cups self-raising flour
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground mixed spice

/4 cup sugar (I used soft brown)
1 cup sour cream

1/3 cup olive oil
2 eggs
1 cup mashed banana

1/2 cup dark chocolate chopped (I prefer 70% and over)

Sift flour and spices into a large bowl. Add sugar and beat briefly to combine. In a glass measuring jug, pour in sour cream , oil and add eggs, whisk to combine. Pour sour cream mix and bananas into dry ingredients, beat with until just combined. Gently fold in dark chocolate. Spoon into muffin pan and bake for 15-20 minutes in a moderate oven (180'c) or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Eat warm or cool at anytime of day (or night).
Jess and I also took a moment to place our hands in the colourful sea that wove its way around the Quadrangle front lawn for Reconciliation. Then we set off to visit my current favourite spot at university.
Down an ivy and clivea clad path one comes across a little wooden door:

Not just a wooden door but a secret door.

There are all sorts of surprises inside; cobwebs and a dusty sandstone staircase leading off to what I imagine would be a wonderful secret room full of old books of poetry, fading carpets and a hand-carved ceiling - I can't verify that as yet, but in my mind it is endlessly romantic and enchanting...

Today's pampering: Picnicking with my sweet friend, eating banana muffins, staring at the sky, proudly supporting reconciliation, vising my secret door...

What good things have you done to yourself today?


  1. Sounds perfect!

    The staircase looks like it holds secrets and treasures for sure. How exciting!

    So far I have had a cup of tea to myself which is a huge pampering accomplishment in itself with two little ones. Maybe I will make some muffins...

    Happy Tuesday to you Miss Emily!

  2. My eyes are dewy...you have romanced yourself well and in the process, wooed me also!

    That secret door! SIIIIGGGHHH.

    It makes a woman SO lovely when she takes such pleasure in her own soul.

  3. Oh <3 - your picnic looks so lovely! And I love the sea of hands installation, standing up for the minorities is a brilliant thing. :)

  4. Ah ha, the story of the secret door further unravels! Wonderful, let us know what you find!

    And what a lovely day this looks like.

    Take care of your soul so that you can be strong to serve in your life with a willing heart; take care of others, love God - that will keep your soul pampered forever... and a good dose of those dark chocolate chip muffins will aid very well also!

  5. Your picnic looks so lovely but oh the secret door takes the cake! Surely it must lead somewhere fabulous. Love the red shoes too by the way. I swear my feet always feel very happy in red shoes :)

  6. It was ever such a lovely day, my dear. ^_^ Thank you so much for finding them time to brighten up this oh so stressful period of semester. It was wonderful to see you smile and laugh! Even (perhaps especially) when I was the cause. ^_^ Good luck with your essay! <3

  7. Those little cupcake wrappers are so sweet!

  8. Nadia - A staircase of treasures for sure. And good on you for taking time for a cup of tea; I consider that be an important (and necessary) pampering for all people!

    Mme - If you ever come to visit me I promise I will take you to that door. And I agree entirely, seeing you and others take pleasure in your souls is so beautiful and true.

    Elly - stand up for the minorities we must! And picnics are the best... I would go so far to say that they're even better in winter with thermaces of tea and hot soup.

    Stella - thank you, you're always welcome.

    Mechelle - such wise and true words. Thank you. You bless me so much with your faith and love.

    Kerri - Yes! Red shoes are fabulous! I always feel happier wearing them too.

    Jess - We must do it again soon. You really did make me laugh... a lot.

    And dear Fawn - those wrappers are lovely aren't they?


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