24 May 2009

Emerging from the quiet

Sunday afternoon quiet. Stretching feet in gentle breeze. Watching kitten turn into a sleepy haze. Beginning last minute essays. Loosing myself in photocopies and journal articles. And that tiny spark in finding the right quote. In seeing the body of my answers come to life. Feet first.


  1. I love finding the right quote, and you're right the perfect quote always does give you a little spark! Love that feeling.

  2. Beautifully expressed. I feel closer to your posts now, having been in your house and played your piano...

  3. what wonderful days you've had both Sunday and Saturday. I cant wait until i get to see you in person one day. I really truly cant.

  4. Hi Emily

    I have an award for your lovely blog. If you would like, please come and pick it up at http://machinistswife.blogspot.com/

    All the very best,
    Helen - The Machinist's Wife

  5. The photos, this post evokes calmness, relaxation and just pure Sunday goodness. Our Sunday has just begun (9:54 am) and I am hoping for the same..

    Happy Sunday to you my friend.

  6. Yay for such fantastic weekends - both the Saturday and Sunday posts were gorgeous! Glad you had such al lovely weekend :)


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