13 May 2009


Feeling spent.
Flat out.
like a leaf -
on the morn
ing path.
The days are short
and yet you do not come.
But in my dream
you come to me -
amongst the purple flowers.
They were falling
about our shoulders,
and they were
trodden under foot.
I kissed you...
And you left again.
Flat. All is still
in my little space;
I listen to passing cars,
the buzzing of a faraway machine,
closing doors, wind in the trees -
yet I feel engulfed
With quiet.

I fall back into the pillows,
and hope to dream of purple flowers...


  1. Absolutely beautiful Emily; you are so inspiring. I think that is my favourite of all your paintings/drawings yet.

  2. A beautiful picture... A sad story to accompany it. I am feeling your words deeply, praying, ridiculously attached to the idea of saying something that will heal you. Perhaps better just to say that I care deeply, praying...

  3. ...and you are not spent. You have just begun your wonderful, colourful life!

  4. I wish you much love, to go along with this oh so beautiful, dreamy image <3

  5. i hope your life will be filled with purple flowers and lots of other flowers too, for you are a beautiful one yourself.

    p.s very dreamy and beautiful drawing.

  6. what a fitting image for the poetry. i love it

  7. It has still only been a short time, and it is ok to still be mourning. But the tide will shift, and the current will carry you to a different place one day and when you look up, every flower will be blooming.

  8. A perfect picture for your poem as you move through these stages of loss.

    May a new day dawn soon with a fresh connection.



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