23 May 2009

Saturday Doings

Patiently waiting for (late) trains
Meeting Mechelle, her husband Jamie and their wonderful daughter Emma for breakfast - we all agree Sophia's make the tastiest mushrooms!
Stepping over "fruit salad" leaves
Prancing into the quadrangle at university;
I'm telling you the grass has never looked so green...
Or the sky so blue
It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday,
going out for breakfast -
with beautiful friends;
showing them my neck of the woods -
(which of course included Gould's book labyrinth)
It made me think how blessed I am
to know all the wonderful people I do.


  1. That sounds like a fantastic day! Too bad we don't live on the same continent. You could come over to my house for a bit of tea and chaos any time! =)

  2. It was such a pleasure to see you. We should go prancing more often; and talk over tea... And can I come over to Alison's as well?!

    : )

  3. Oh! That grass IS super green - it looks like you had a brilliant day :)

  4. Is that Emily in jeans? My goodness! They do look very good on you though.

  5. Allison - you're on for tea and chaos if I ever make it your continent!

    Mechelle, I think you should come too... and what an absolutely pleasure it was spending time with you. And hearing you play espeically.

    Elly - thank you, its a bit of feat in Australia to get green grass so I thought I better document it.

    Dear Alice; yes, I am in jeans! I've been wearing them a lot lately... mostly because of the weather here skirts and dresses aren't quite rain proof!

  6. Love those leaves! And the picture of you waiting for the train makes me miss Sydney! I know it's weird but I always really liked the trains. I think it's because you can sit and look out the big windows and into other people's gardens :)


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