11 May 2009

Monday Colour

In thifting the most brilliant glass bottle
In the sight of freshly folded clothes
In the smell of grated carrot, beetroot, apple, parsley and a dash of lemon, olive oil, vinegar
And eating lunch outside in the sunshine
In wearing a linen tote of flowering vine;
In lying down on mum's newly erected daybed,
'gainst the gentle quilt
and dreaming of how I'd paint my children's walls:
What colour has found you today?


  1. Just about to blog it as a matter of fact! Wonderful post by the way!

  2. That image of you laying back on the floral bed sheets might be my favorite yet (you keep doing that you realize!).

    Today I can not stop watching the maple tree across the street, decked out in its summer leafy splendor, all shades of chartreuse to apple to sap, glistening in the light rain.

  3. Those are some brilliant colours right there (I love your childrens room daydreaming!) :)

  4. You always make my day brighter!

    I love your sketch!

  5. Beautiful post!!
    I love the colours in nature today -- the trees are just awesome here right now!

  6. Oh, those walls would be a sight to see. Just lovely!

  7. beaautiful post as usual. it seems like trees are where its at in the places of summer, everywhere i look there are branches heavy with green and colorful blooms.

  8. Your lunch looks delicious. The tote, beautiful. you my dear are just lovely in that picture against the quilt. You look happy and peaceful.

    Keep dreaming up those gorgeous ideas!

  9. Beautiful images, thoughts and colors - has brightened up a dull gray cloudy day here in NZ. xx


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