4 May 2009

The Festival

The superabundance of pumpkin was to be expected:

Trunk loads full in fact:
Pumpkins soup, scones, pies, GIANTS:

Pumpkin Babushkas:

Even pumpkin soap:
There was a beautiful blue sky, helicopter rides, a scarecrow competition:
Introducing Mr Pumpkin (the superhero):

There were stalls of handmade crafts, plants, books, even natural cleaning products! There was also LOTS of people:
Including my good-looking parents

There were fury sheep:
And llamas, and alpacas!

There was also a display of beautifully kept vintage cars:
This being my favourite. I wonder why...


  1. ah so much fun! looking at all of the past 3 posts i missed, you had an awesome time ! so good to know you let go and danced and enjoyed yourself.

    I love pumpkin! i really do, its one of my favorite vegetables and there is so much there! haha love it!

    I could see you cruising along in that vintage blue car, it would look quiet good.
    Oh and you looked so very pretty at the ball :)

  2. Your parents look beautiful Emily! I can't wait to meet them. Now I'm sure it's nothing and that you're perfectly healthy but you looked ever so slight in that last photo in front of the car. Make sure you keep healthy although I'm sure you are.


  3. you're so lovely ms emily.

  4. LOVE these: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_FMkBBCOeY5s/Sf6AP1PxUSI/AAAAAAAAEdU/OV2xDEwiUQM/s400/DSC_0242.jpg

  5. Pumpkin Babushkas?
    Best. Thing. EVER!

  6. Ailin, when I can drive and have mysteriously acquired a vintage blue car I think a proper road trip to the country is in order!

    Dearest Alice, I can't wait you to meet my parents too - ah, the holidays aren't so very far away now.

    Jordan - *blush* thank you very much; I think you're pretty darn lovely too.

    Fawn + Stella; thank you for your kind comments as always; I am so wanted to make some pumpkin babushkas now...

  7. It looks like a fantastic weekend and it's really good to see you happy and smiley again :)


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