16 May 2009

A confession of sorts

I like to keep all the things I find in second hand and library books.

Be they little hand-scrawled notes, pressed flowers, magazine cutouts, drawerings, photos, even film negatives. It all started quite innocently some years ago at Gould's Bookshop (has near a million second hand books and certainly the most exapansive range of Soviet books I know!) where I bought a book of poetry that had this giant leaf in it. I felt a sudden sense of excitment and joy to be reading a book someone else had obviously loved - loved enough to use a leaf as a boomark! I also get a thrill in reading people's pencils marks/notes/philosophical musings in library books and although I would never write directly onto a book I try to "anonymously" slip my own little things in borrowed books every now and again - a one-line poem or a strange quote...

Here are some of my favourite finds:

(Found: Tennyson "EarlyPoems")

(Found: Handmade Galore: Fun projects for Kids)
(Found: The First Australians - 1958 comic book)

I have this great romantic notion of how we could all converse through the things we leave and find in books...
(Found: Nawal Sadaawi's "The Circling Song")

Its got to the point where I sift through books in second hand shops and only buy the ones with things left inside. Thats not too weird is it? My most recent find was in a child's battered piano book - little watercolours by a Miss "J. Hon"

Thank you Miss "J. Hon" you've made my week!


  1. wow, what a great thought.(conversing through thoughts and things left inside a book)
    unfortunately i have never found anything interesting inside a borrowed book, but i hope some day i will.

    i hope you enjoy your weekend Emily :)

  2. awe, that's so lovely!
    I HEART found stuff like that.

  3. OMG. You have to have kelly tell you about the amazing leaves she found in her little nature book last year at the big book sale.

    This is the best post EVER. I love leaving and finding stuff in books...and now, I will think of you.

  4. This is what I like about you. You dream such beautiful dreams. The world needs more people like you, that's for sure.


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