19 May 2009

Blue Stars

tiny happy came to me
in the mail
sure enough it was tiny
in my hands
and brought a smile
to my tired face,
joy to my brown eyes
I wore it round my neck,
and danced in the garden
feeling free
with my secret
(little cornflowers)
that will bloom,
even in Winter
as tiny blue stars
in the cold dark.


  1. Such a pretty locket. Very you. Emily/

  2. aren't her lockets just so sweet?
    I heart them very much.

  3. I just found your blog tonight and I think it's beautiful! Reading it made me feel like me again. Thank you :)

  4. ...I own the small white feather on black linen. Just another sign that we're finding love in all the right places.

    Love to you today dear girl.
    Take heart.
    Be soft and strong.

  5. thank you for this post! it's completely made my day. :)


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