3 May 2009

The Ball

Highlights included:
*Helping Sarah with the decorating; the draping of silk and the tying of bows on chairs, many chairs
*Carving a pumpkin display for the entrance
*Dressing up (complete with autumn leaf mask)
*Going to my first ball IN a tent!
*Mingling with mystery and disguise among many beautifully adorned individuals
*Supping on delicious food
*Feeling the warmth of a vibrant community
*Running to and from the bathrooms because it became so cold and crispy outside
*The fact that the band playing were called the "Lumpy Underdacks"

But by far the biggest delight was letting go; 
and putting my dancing shoes on... 
for hours,
and hours 
(trust me it was long enough for the tulle in my dress to chafe my legs!)

Would I do it all again you ask?
In an instant.


  1. That looks like SUCH good fun my dear, I wish I could have danced the night away in a tent like that... Glad to see you're doing such wonderful things with your time.

  2. Oh my word -- THIS (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FMkBBCOeY5s/Sf17_8TUtqI/AAAAAAAAEac/i0g8F1s9DrY/s400/sc0005b639.jpg) is the most gorgeous photo!

  3. Your mask is fierce, your dress is LOVELY and wow, that looks like the most amazing night! I'm so jealous. A masked ball in a tent sounds like something out of a fairy tale or Harry Potter. :) Glad you enjoyed yourself. You looked lovely!

  4. You do look lovely! Looks like a fun party. I love the glitter on the tables!

  5. It looks like a brilliant ball! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  6. You look so beautiful...haunting but beautiful!

  7. oh the ball! so very magical indeed!

  8. Thank you lovelies for all your kind comments; next time I go to a masked ball you're all coming with me.

  9. Just trailing through your blog; VERY startled to hear the band was called the "Lumpy Underdacks". Lol!


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