1 Apr 2009

Twenty Things

So many things have been wonderful about my birthday today. I don't know which I loved more:

Waking to the sound of rain

Having a soft boiled egg with my birthday tea set

Opening presents carefully decorated with the hungry caterpillar

Or being given a beautiful aubergine-coloured tagine pot

Which made me want to wear all purple

And dance with the tibouchinas

Maybe it was the delicious lunch out with mum - where we shared a big Greek salad and bean nachos (best in the world) at my favourite cafe

(kindly provided by www.thelineofbestfit.com)
Or seeing Elbow perform live and perform "the bones of you" and "weather to fly" and oh oh my very favourite "one day like this"... to hear the whole audience erupt into chorus "throw those curtains wide - one day like this a year would see me right" - those Elbow guys, seriously, the most talented, humble, hilarious musicians I've seen in a long, long time.

It was also receiving so many warm birthday wishes from family and friends (old and new) - It made me feel so blessed. To be alive, to be surrounded by so many inspiring hearts and minds, to know all of you.

And I've been giving some thought in the last few days of Twenty Things to do while I'm 20:
(which I've never really done before, in no particular order)

1. Go Swing dancing

2. Paint ceramics

3. Drive a car

4. Make quince paste

5. Skip somewhere (in public)

6. Hand-dye fabric

7. Climb a real rock face

8. Do an artwork of chalk

9. Feel falling snow

10. Read poetry every day

11. Acquire purple shoes

12. Put on an exhibition

13. Make soap

14. Encourage creative arts in my community

15. Go to a fancy dress ball

16. Start my second book

17. Listen to a great debate

18. See the sunrise in a new country

19. Finish university
20. Listen to bird calls in thick bush


  1. Oh Happy Birthday, dear sweet lady of the locks. I forgot to mention that when I close my eyes and imagine the perfect head of hair - I think of yours...and it would fit me so well - melancholy, black, shiny, oh so beautiful. Hah. Wow, that was a really off handed compliment.

    So back to the task at hand.
    Happy Birthday! I LOVE your new tea set, how perfectly sunny!

    I am attending a play version of Crime and Punishment and shall dedicate my intermission martini to you!


    you've never driven a car?

  2. ms emily - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! i'm SUPER jealous of the purple tagine, it's lovely! make sure to tell us what you make in it. you look radiant in your pics, i hope this is a fantastic year for you! best wishes

  3. So you like the very hungry caterpillar. That makes me more determined to procure your present!

  4. Woo! Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a fantastic day :)

  5. happy birthday Emily! What a beautiful day!!! Best wishes in achieving your list of 20 things to do. I'm sure you will have a fantastic year doing them all.

  6. I had no idea that you were only 20 ^_^ I thought you were at least my age or a couple more!

    (This is a grand compliment, ps.)

  7. Happy Birthday sweet friend!!!!

    Emily, i am so glad to know someone like you! Even though it has been a short time , but i REALLY wish you were my sister......oh well, at least i've "met" you and i have a friend like you and can see little glimpses of your life.

    Sounds like you had such a wonderful day, and hey now you are officially and adult!!

    i hope you can achieve all of those 20 goals you have set for yourself.
    All the best to you.

  8. Happy Birthday.

    I greatly approve of your skipping plans. Tim and I both like to skip in public. It's great fun.

  9. Happy birthday!! I love your list of twenty things to do this year!! Your autumn party sounds great!
    :) martine

  10. 20, wow! no longer with a teen in your age. We are very close in age though it seems to me that you are older than me- being so accomplished and wise. (:

    and what a great gift! I had never seen one of those tagine pots before.

  11. thank you thank you thank you *beams*

  12. Happy belated birthday sugar plum.
    Today I am dressing, days late of course, in purple...in your honor.

    Love love.


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