29 Apr 2009

This Week

1. I have done a lot of crying
2. I made my very first pair of crocheted shoes. They are made of soft merino wool and are so snug on cool autumn mornings.
3. I have received some beautiful mail: Mexican skulls and Frida Khalo fabric, a letter and photos from Perth, a loving card from a faraway friend and kindred (who will be getting a reply in her mailbox soon), and this afternoon a delicate package containing white rose earrings and a green plastic umbrella pin.
4. I finished an essay one day early ( always an incredible feat for me) -it was on the consequences of urban life on the individual in C. P. Cavafy's poetry...
5. I have been watching old seasons of Daria and the new season of Flight of the Concords - both marvellously witty shows that make you laugh out loud.
6. I have been preparing for an exhibtion I'll be appearing in from May 8th; I can tell you it is Babushka themed and I have been making prints, fabric goods, and painting clay for it!
7. I am excited about this weekend. I will be going to a marvellous little town to stay with my dear friend Sarah and her family - to peruse their new shop and take part in the annunal Pumpkin festival (including a masked pumpkin ball)
8. I am slowly healing. Hugs, babushkas and dark chocolate are all helping...
9. Glimpses of your lives, thoughts, confessions, loves fills me with endless hope and inspiration.
10. I have started reading The Brothers Karamazov


  1. lovely post -- those little shoes are so sweet!

  2. People use to call me Daria? We both have glasses, brown hair, and monotone voice I guess. I don't think that I'm nearly as witty but i take it as a compliment

    ...and by the way there is no way I could have finished that ice cream I posted about and it still made me feel sick haha.

    I read crime and punishment and it is one of my favorite books, The Brothers Karamazov is on my "to read" list. tell me how you like it once you have finished.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry your still hurting :( I guess it is to be expected? I'm glad your watching shows that make you laugh, and that your keeping busy with the exhibition and weekend plans. Happy thoughts, hey.

  4. My beautfiul Emily, I am so happy for you.

  5. yay! im so glad its all gradually getting better!!
    oh those slippers!! i love them so much!

    you will be appearing in an exhibition!? thats awesome! cant wait to here more, or maybe even attend!?
    that would soooo cool.

    anyway, takecare, sending you lots and lots of love :)

  6. Daria is the best! I would look forward to watching an episode every week.

    Your slippers are very cute. I am hoping to learn to crochet this winter.


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