20 Apr 2009

One of those days

Which has turned out to be grey and broody. Windy and dark.
It started brightly - going out for breakfast with two great friends
(and all the tea and conversation about life and faith and relationships and art that ensued)
But it became cold and lonesome in the house. I wrapped my beloved wool shawl around my shoulders - the wool is hand-dyed, lambs-ear soft, from New Zealand (and always reminds me of Lupins and earth)

I crocheted it with simple trebles - it did not need fancy stitches - it was too beautiful to complicate.

Then I got all wound up in an essay due tomorrow - feeling pressed for time - procrastinating with practical tasks (cleaning, baking) - being generally anxious and wanting to curl up in bed like a cat.

So I decided to calm down and watch something unfold in its own time:

One of those grey days when we need a little extra inspiration;
time for friends and a little unfolding.
And I am ready to write now.
I am ready.


  1. NICE BLOG! INTERESTING! -http://djtbiz27.blogspot.com

  2. You are so sensitive, and able to harness your gifts. I pray for you to have finished your essay by now and be resting easy. The day may be grey, but you are far from colourless my dear.

  3. i LOVE blooming teas. delicious and beautiful, all in one!

    your skin is amazing by the way. porcelain.

  4. I do love those blooming teas. We sold them at the cafe I used to work at.

  5. i want to weep with the beauty of your soul.

    the simple find of tranquility in the unfolding and unfussy.

    i cannot get over your cheekbones, em. you are snow white.

    i am crushing on you today...and ready to write indeed.

  6. wow, you are just so beautiful!
    and so are those blooming teas, and so is your scarf and so is your writing............

    its all beautiful really.

    i hope you did your best in your essays :)
    enjoy your day to the most Emily! ( im sure you will ;)

  7. sorry about the life-change miss emily (above post)...i'm sending love your way from canada today

  8. i hope you are doing well Emily........and that happiness will come your way, really, really soon.

    here have a big, warm hug :) *hugs*

  9. It will ALL unfold as it should, beautiful one. There is a time for weeping.


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