7 Apr 2009

Little pleasures

What little pleasures have you had today?
What has warmed your senses
in that tiny, comforting way?
Pulled you out
of the rush,
And all the lists -
Taken you to a quiet place
(wholly yours)

+Drinking tea out of a cup and saucer that I had admired for months and months in a antique-store window. Sweet Jess surprised me with it on Saturday night; it is spectacularly bright, Mexican, and reminds me of the great pleasure one has window shopping with dear friends.
+Lynwood bush apricot Jam
+The sweet smell of roses and hyacinths in my room
+Windy, overcast days
+Listening to a great narrative by Grand Salvo (aka the bushman poet)
+And the beautiful accompanying collages
+The crunch of fresh sprouts
+And the wobble of left-over jelly
+Odd toes
+Always; shades of blue on ceramics - tokens of friendship I will treasure forever.


  1. That tea set is beautiful Emily!

  2. Oooh, all of your cups and tea related paraphernalia are gorgeous!

  3. I love both of those tea sets, espesially that bright, colourful mexican one!
    i love these sorts of posts you write the most, because they remind me to slow down and to enjoy those little pleasures, i hope you had a lovely tuesday!

  4. Dearest Emily,

    I am sorry that I missed your birthday, though glad to see that you enjoyed your lovely party!
    I am looking forward to seeing you again soon, and will be writing you a proper e-mail shortly.

    Till then much love,

  5. Hover: You know, I'm feeling very connected to you today via this post since I have been recently attempting to find a little sabbath for my soul every single day.

    Also. You know I LOVE that tea set.

  6. Ah ladies! I am glad you like tea paraphernalia too!

    Sarah - I am looking forward to hearing from you; I can only imagine how busy you've been

    Ailin + Mrs P. - It is vital to happiness to take time for ourselves, to sit in peace, and as you put it so perfectly "find sabbath for the soul" every day

  7. The pleasant things today have been hot matcha, rolled-up pants, Dr. Zhivago, wet dirt and cool air, and nutella eaten out of the jar.


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