15 Apr 2009


This post includes; a link to the best ginger cookie recipe in the world, news of shop updates and a chance to win a print of your very own - proceed with caution!
These biscuits are so so delicious; I cannot begin to express how much they are... so soft and chewy, gingery, rich, utterly delicious. After reading David's recipe and knowing he's good in the ginger department I made them yesterday. I think the addition of apple sauce and crystallised ginger makes them as special as they are! But thankfully in being so rich I can only eat one per sitting...

Now for the shop update - I have finally gotten around to making prints of my house-series I did a week or two back. Having acquired a new (and super-efficient) printer/scanner I decided to try printing them myself... I have always used a professional printer up till now; but I decided to experiment for a few different reasons - firstly it costs a LOT less on my part (and I don't end up paying lots of $ for "scanning/resizing" time) - I can do them as I need them and I have a much wider variety of paper I can use. I've done all these prints on beautiful watercolour cotton paper (185gsm in width) and although the vibrancy of the biro blue is lost a little (it seems quite impossible to replicate by any means) I've spent time on each print retouching them by hand; going over dull areas, adding extra shading and few little details that just make each print slightly unique from the last.

In the shop you'll find Headful of House $17

Oasis in the City $17
The Lone Drifter $17

Smoke In the Sky $17

And one I'm very attached to: the Smoke In the Sky original with a recycled wood frame! $55
For the remainder of April I'm throwing in a free set of sticky blue labels with every original illustration or print purchase: So have a good look around the shop!

And because I know we all love a little contest I'm going to give away a print (of the winner's choosing) - all you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what your dream house would be like; you've seen mine emerge in my week of housey illustrations now tell me what you have dreamed, or perhaps what you already have!

I will announce the winner on Friday (April 17th)

A very happy midweek to you all x


  1. Ooh Emily your prints are really beautiful - I hope they adorn many peoples houses! You have a beautiful gift. My dream house would be a big tree house that would have lots of creative hidey holes....plenty of room to be creative....maybe have a slippery dip in it...and lots of glass to let nature inside...and sunshine too!! Plenty of chooks and a rambling vegie garden outside!!

  2. Thanks for the link to the ginger cookie recipe Emily! I used to buy something very similar at a local deli that I can't get to anymore and we really miss them.

    Ooh, my dream house... it would have a front porch the width of the house with a couple of rocking chairs. The kitchen would have lots of storage space and light. It would have a sunroom with sort of a greenhouse feel to it that would be my room to read and work in. There would be enough land to have a small vegetable gargen, butterfly garden, herb garden, and I'd also have fruit trees and a few olive trees. If it were my true dream I'd also have a very small vineyard patch in which I could take my grapes to a co-op winery. Not that I've given it much thought. :-)

  3. Ooooh man those gingery-treasures look good..maybe I need to find myself some breakfast....

  4. Now that my room is fully painted, one of your prints would be the perfect thing to have on my walls!

    And my dream house... hmm. What do you think it would be?

  5. mmm those ginger cookies look yummy and so do your prints! My dream house will be covered in ivy with wild flowers and tall grass growing in the front yard...a vegetable garden with more veggies than i know what to do with, enough to live off of...a wood stove...a white story book kitchen...a bathroom with my collection of mirrors covering every inch of wall and maybe ceiling...crawl spaces and small secret doors that lead to the inside of walls and other rooms...walls completely covered with shelves of books and books and more books. stacks of books everywhere else...I'm sure Aurora would have a couple of fun rooms..a work space in the large shed..This could go on for a very long time.

  6. ahhh, you just don't stop making amazing things, do you!? i want to have one of those cookies so bad, so excuse me, while i bite my screen!

    ANYWAY the prints look so beautiful, i truly love them, especially in that frame!

    and onto my my dream house... It would be a wooden cottage, in a forest or in the mountains or near the ocean,(i just cant choose!) . In it there would be a fireplace, and the floor would be wooden as well, with 1 or 2 beautiful persian rugs. It would be decorated with lovely earthy colours and wooden things. There would a healthy growing vegetable garden in the backyard, full of all sorts of fruits and vegetables and i would never have to buy any of those things from shops, there would be a secret passage that leads to my very own library and art studio, full of all sorts of art supplies. I would have an outdoor room too with a kitchen in it and everything! oh and lets say that the place where the cottage is in is a forest up on a mountain with and ocean (so all of them combined!) and yeah ,phew, i could keep going but i choose not to ;)

  7. Ahh... my dream house! This is why I love Grand Designs so much! It would be cosy, with lovely thick carpet or polished floor boards. Beautiul furniture perfect for snuggling in, in rooms with lots of white wood bay windows to let light in, be sat in and in the perfect position to view my garden with lots of secret places. The walls would be a cream/yellow and I need a wood fire and a library with high wooden shelves filled with lots of books.

    As for the design I'm not sure but it is one of those fabulous things to think about and aspire to...

  8. My dream house....

    One porch for sun and sipping
    One porch for deep fog and watching night animals
    Construction made from whole trees, forming strange arches and sweeping curves
    Skylights in every room
    Handmade art on every surface
    A hearth for heat and heart
    A greenhouse for herbs and health
    A studio, separate but only by a short walk, open and spacious with the scent of jasmine in the evening and tomatoes in the afternoon.

  9. my dream house will be on the ocean. on the top floor, my bedroom, facing the water, with windows that open wide so the waves sing me to sleep at night. it will have exposed brick walls, as well as perfect clean walls begging for art. the living room will have inviting cozy furniture, all in light neutral colors with colorful turkish kilim rugs on the floor. fresh flowers and plants in all the deep window sills. a cozy library with book shelves that reach the ceiling and a fireplace. a kitchen full of windows and more counter space than i know what to do with. the kind of kitchen that is always filled with wonderful friends and loving family, and hearty food. the back yard will be beautifully overgrown, and tucked in the back will be my art studio. there will be a beautiful workshop for my husband, the kind with a woodstove, and places to sit, and music always playing while he creates. the front porch will be the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the people go by, with wide welcoming front stairs. there will be deliciously colorful window boxes in every window. the front door will be the color of saffron. the kind of front door you want to knock on just to see who answers.

  10. I just wanted to say that after i read this blog I made those Ginger snaps. They're AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and your lovely picture!

  11. i absolutely adore your artwork. its brilliant. i cant get over how much you can do with a pen! props to you:)


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