8 Apr 2009

Delicious Post

I had to share this with you.
Posted all the way from Mudgee,
from a certain Alice
(who knows me well
combining two of my favourite things:
and biscuits)
Thank you darling!

p.s. sorry its meant to say "happy" - I ate the "H" (couldn't help myself)


  1. Oh wow, those look so yummy! :) What a wonderfully sweet birthday gift!

  2. haha! they are awesome! a very lovely birthday present indeed.
    oh and the pants you made are so cool! i love all the colours and patterns and they look so comfy!

  3. I've been meaning to ask -- do you think you'll ever do prints of those residential type sketches you did a bit back?
    I am in love with the "my oasis in the city" & the "drifting" drawings -- so pretty!

  4. Yes Desiree! I fully intend to; I was hoping to get some done this week (and in the etsy shop) but I think the end of next week is a little more doable! I'm glad you liked them :)

  5. Oh neat ^_^ That makes me glad!


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