5 Apr 2009

The Autumnal Feast

As promised. My birthday feast included:
Lots of leafy decorations of lights and felt
All the seasonal food
Guests dressed suitably
(including myself in maple-leaf red chiffon with a handmade felt belt and hair clip)
And Simone's incredible leaf scarf - which she painted by hand and baked in the oven!
Ana's knitted leaf head band
And Bronwyn's red and green
Beautiful Jess' Halloweeny cat necklace and Sam's incredible hat
There was lots of good music and impromptu jazz piano
My dear brother and sister busily made the fresh pizzas (I tried to capture Sam's dough twirling but he wouldn't let me)
Which were so delicious and warming
There was good conversation inside and out; including ridiculous joke telling (from the gentleman in the green shirt!)
Of course there was a birthday cake
(and one very happy birthday girl)


  1. looks like a really nice feast

    And you look gorgeous in your beautiful dress.

  2. Happy Birthday! Your party looks so brilliant - I love the theme :)

  3. What a lovely feast! Sounds like a brilliant night, and a party isn't complete without someone telling ridiculous jokes. Even better when said person is wearing a green shirt! :-)

  4. Your house is beautiful and all those colours! I've never seen more photos on a blog post before; how spectacular!

  5. mmmmm, i love the atmosphere, so laid back and fun, filled with lots of smiles, great food and autumn leaves. it looks like your party was a great success!

    and by the way, you look beautiful in your red dress Emily!

  6. Your pixie of a sister is growing her hair out! She looks dashing as usual. As do you in your crimson get-up.

    Looks like the fete was a blast!

  7. Wait a minute...IS that your pixie sister????? Or is she just the pixie sister of someone else???


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