4 Apr 2009

Autumn Feast

I make "visual" lists for most biggish events so I thought I might share this one with you; Tonight's dinner!

-Olives ready and marinating
-Three layers of jelly are set
-Cannele in the oven
-Fresh Tomato sauce for pizzas simmering
-Wholewheat pasty in the fridge for the quince tart
(quinces finally tracked down from a variety of different grocers!)

Though we've still got to bake the Spanikopita
- the Quince tart too
and make all the dips - but other than that things are looking, feeling and smelling good.

Expect an update later
with lots and lots and LOTS of photos

Over and out from the busy cook x


  1. I love this!

    I'm such a visual learner ;)

  2. This is so cute!! I love that you make sure visual lists! :)

  3. oh yes, i knew it! I knew you were going to be busy making mindblowingly yummy things, i just knew it ;)

    oh no, the photos to come are going to make me want to eat the computer screen. oh great.

  4. oh and by the way, i love that planner!

  5. ooh your menu pictures look fantastic!! That's the best birthday feast!! Enjoy!


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