17 Apr 2009

10 Things This Friday

1. Hugs are the best. You can never have too many.
2. Rosted chestnuts smell more delicious than they taste.
3. Always be mindful when opening the letterbox (I had a GIANT spider jump out on me today as I was collecting the mail)
4. Fresh figs, custard apple, almonds and cheddar make a perfect lunch.
5. "How to Cook a Wolf" by MFK Fisher is an astounding and revelatory read.
6. Our cat sleeps more than everyone in the house combined.
7. Painting with ink and watercolours is fabulous but it can stain your fingers.
8. Almost all the boarders for my book are complete - I wish I could show the whole thing to you but tiny glimpses will have to do for now...
9. Getting worked up and feeling stressed wastes precious time and energy.
10. Tomorrow is a new day; with new hope and promise


  1. Lovely post. Bless you girl!

  2. Custard Apples, Figs, and Cheese... Yum!!!

  3. Each photo, even more joyful than the last.

    I love your images.

    And for the record, I TOTALLY agree about the chestnuts. That scent makes my mouth water in the most sentimental way but every time I break down and buy a bag, well, you know how they taste!

  4. Hello from Ontario! Beautiful photos and lovely post. I just stumbled upon your blog last night and enjoy it ever so much :).

  5. looks like the best friday ever!
    oh and that lunch!mmmmmmmmmmmm
    oh and those drawings!
    enjoy your weekend dear Emily!

  6. I had to giggle at number four, only cause I know how you feel!

    Always nice to her your thoughts!


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