1 Mar 2009

Weekend Doings

+Watching the skies, cobwebs, kitten prowling the garden,
+Making vegetable soup, and while babysitting; watercolour landscapes and more pikelets
+Eating miso soup and sashimi, fresh figs, dark chocolate
+Drinking rose-infused watermelon, green tea, tall glasses of water
+Reading the weekend newspaper, old poems, Bleak House and the fading evidence of my mum's university notes twenty six years ago
+Surprising my resident pianist (mother) with a gingerbread baby grand
+Listening to squawking cockatoos (impromptu), tori amos (little earthquakes), the tallest man on earth (shallow grave), sufjan stevens (come on and feel the illinoise)
+Doodling musings in church, lecture times, and the last three illustrations of my book
+Thinking about love, autumn, weekend adventures, picking up unfinished projects, planting vegetable seeds
+Smiling at the sun, new faces, dear friends, the disordered state of my room
+Looking forward to studying, the week ahead, visiting Granny, sleeping in
+Thankful for my feet, endless colour, Grace, electric guitars...


  1. Beautiful. You remind me of a meaningful tea towel I once received, 'art is not what you see, but what you make others see.'
    You make us all 'see' Miss Emily.

  2. Thank you dear Mechelle; I could only say the same of you. Perhaps less of a tea towel and more of a wonderfully aware and creative woman!

  3. Oh darling girl, look at the colours here! So so gorgeous, what a perfect weekend : ) xxx

  4. ONce again: Beautiful. Watermelon Rose sounds divine. Watermelon juice is one of my favorite summertime drinks, but I had never thought to add rose - will try. How fantastic to read a book that your mother had written notes in 20 years ago. I've nominated you for an "award" on my blog. Am so happy that I had stumbled across yours and look forward to your lovely postings in the future! :-)

  5. yay for all that beauty you just shared!
    got to love it! all the colours and lovely things, i hope you are doing well sweet emily :)


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