15 Mar 2009

To Market To Market

I finally made it to the Everleigh farmers market early Saturday morn. They are held in a restored carriage works which run alongside train tracks. The carriage works are used for all sorts of different things; theatre, functions, I've even had two of my university exams in there! I just love being able to see the original iron beams in the ceiling and the flaking blue paint on the walls.

And the market itself was fabulous! All the produce was from in and around Sydney. There were stalls of cheeses, meats, eggs, potatoes, all sorts of greens and vegetables, fruit, fresh flowers, pot plants, nuts, bread, cupcakes, tea, coffee and more! Since we had no real need for anything we bought some mature goats cheese (so heavenly) and a bunch tiger lilies. There is no doubt that we will definitely be back - no doubt at all!

They run every Saturday and you can find all the information at their website.


  1. I most certainly will visit the Everleigh markets. Your photos and descriptions are inspiring as ever, dear industrious and beautiful one.
    I hope the bump on your head goes away overnight...we need things that "GO! bump," in the night. Oh, dear, I seem to be channelling your uncles. Quick, recite beautiful poetry:
    "..though the last lights off the black west went
    Oh morning! as the brown brink eastward springs,

  2. Beautiful pictures -- looks like a wonderful market ... I can't wait til the markets start up around me!

  3. That blue is gorgeous ... I never noticed before, shall have to pay more attention next time I visit. I suppose I'm too busy buying myself food and flower treats.


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