9 Mar 2009

Hello Monday

Every now and again I have a day where I feel like Kitty. Where I don't feel like much except lazying about, sitting, sleeping, quietly contemplating. This has been my first free Monday in sometime; you might remembering me mentioning I had decided to leave one of my jobs - but I had always expected to work my rostered shifts till the end of March - but got a phone call last week saying all my shifts had been replaced and that was that. Though mostly relieved; I felt sad for not being able to say goodbye; to my workmates in our little museum shop, to the friends I'd made in other shops, cleaners, to the airport in general. 

To me the airport is a bizarre place; of leaving, returning, rushes, delays, early mornings, security checks, late nights, watching planes land and take off on my lunch breaks, bus trips, dawn and dusk on grey tarmac. I'm fairly certain the next time I step inside an airport it will be to fly off somewhere - not to pace a shop, dusting shelves and watching time tick over. I will be forever thankful for the opportunity I had to work there; the people I met and the interesting conversations we had - but I certainly won't miss standing up for 8 hours. Or the 7am starts. Nope. Not at all. I'm ready to have my Mondays free again; I can imagine all the possibilities - all the things I can try to pursue and achieve in the day but for now I'm content just starting my week in stillness, calmness, gentle movement, contemplating all that's been and all that's ahead.

Happy Monday to you sweet friends!


  1. So you worked in a shop at the airport! cool, i didnt know that.
    I like airports, they are filled with so many different emotions, and every other thing that you mentioned.

    what a great way to start a week, calm and peaceful. Mine was pretty much ordinary: wokeup, had breakfast and went to school, but today my dad dropped me off and we dreamt of escaping school and work to go in a forest or near the sea :) it was a good feeling, even though it wouldnt happen. But it was a good day and i hope that you had a brilliant one too!

    Must be a very good feeling not having to go to work at 7 am and standup the whole time! Now you can do something more fun and interesting and different with your mondays!

    okay this is the longest comment i have ever posted and i hope its not bore-ing you, but i have heaps to say :)

    one more thing about your last post:
    what a great atmosphere there was in your house! It made me smile to see all of those faces and your grandmother! she truely does seem like an awesome woman! so the happiest birthday to her!(even though it was on the weekend)

    okay im going to stop now!;) sorry about
    that. have a great rest of monday :)

  2. I had a pretty lazy Monday too - even though I was at school. One of those days you feel more like watching than participating in. The happiest birthday to your Grandmother too! She looks to be a wonderful woman!

  3. Ah, you deserve the rest my dear. Enjoy the peace before the crazy assessment schedule begins again...

  4. Your Monday's sound heavenly. I spend mine at uni from 10am until 9pm. >_< Stimulating, but rather long. If you ever feel like coming up uni way between 12 and 2 on a Monday, you'll find a group of us globals sitting in the sunken lawn next to Manning. ^_^


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