19 Mar 2009

A Good Tree Story

you can never
have too much
that my dad belongs
among leaves and bark:

This Thursday:
I wonder
have you climbed
a tree this week?
Or ran your hands
along bark -
rustled among leaves -
Or moved like a bird
flapping and gliding
and peering

towards the sky above?


  1. You Dad climbs to the tops of trees in jandals!! That is all kinds of awesome :)

  2. impressive! I will now make sure to climb at least some of a tree in the near future.

  3. Trees are people too! They talk to you, smile with you, accept hugs graciously...

    They were here before, and still will be long after we leave this beautiful world... I think trees are special too Miss Emily. And I love the look of your Dad. You're blessed.


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  5. oh wow. what can i say about trees? they are just the best really. in every possible way there is!

    i loved the last photo of your dad waving from the tree! it made me simle, so lovely.

    oh and i can proudly say that i hugged a tree this week! and i feel like doing it again right now.

  6. Beautiful tree, beautiful Dad, beautiful photos : )
    Trees show us how to reach up for the sun and the stars and grow strong and resilient. Important lessons in life can be learned from trees.....
    bless you Emily
    Shell's friend (and now yours)
    Lynn xx


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