28 Mar 2009

Earth Hour

candles, moon-shaped gingerbread straight from the oven, sipping fresh chai, watching the mesmerising glow of fluttering flames, listening to mum on the piano, chattering on my bed with Maddy, in other words - a very well spent (and refreshing) hour... now if only I could do my essay in the dark.


  1. I'm guessing you're partaking in Earth hour and enjoying the first days of Autumn. ? Gingerbread sounds really yummy right now. Well, pretty much any food than anyone talks about sounds good right now. =)

  2. hehe, at least you're not being turned off by food! And yes we are both enjoying the first days of Autumn and Earth Hour.

  3. earth hour is the best!
    i wish it was longer than an hour though, that would be even better!

    sounds like you spent it really well!
    and moonshaped gingerbread and chai, is the most perfect thing to have on earth hour for sure.
    Your weekend sounds like its going great.
    I dont want to work on my assignments either, but i have to sooner or latre.....

    anyway have a great Sunday Emily!


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