2 Feb 2009

Weekend Wonders

+Going to my uncle's birthday picnic by the sea and catching up with faraway family
+Then following the ocean northwards

+Capturing the trees and sand and rocks and rolling waves in pen

+Mingling with the hydrangeas in the garden
+and dancing along pebbly paths

+Visiting an arts and craft fair and being re-inspired to get a stall organised
+Escaping the heat to the cool of the ocean only to get dunked (a number of times) by choppy waves
+Also, encountering an embarrassing moment or two bathing with old swimwear - that is clearly in desperate need of replacement!

+preparing delicious fresh food and eating it on the deck
+while soaking up the dusky sunshine

+falling asleep to the sound of waves

+and waking in the early darkness of the morning to watch real football
Liverpool vs Chelsea (we won but only just)

+watcing the sun rise on a new day
+embracing Monday as the start of something new.
Something brilliant.


  1. Oh that's such a lovely little drawing! I love it!
    If it is in good enough condition I would definitely buy a print of it.
    What a gorgeous weekend you've had...

  2. you did it again.
    you made me sigh deeply, close my eyes, and smell summer.

    i am jealous of your weekend...

  3. Oh! That was a lovely weekend :) Cheers for sharing!

  4. oh just so so so so lovely!
    you had an absolutely perfect weekend.

    i really, really, really want a house by the sea when im older, wouldnt it be so great to go in the water whenever you please? or go walk by the water whenevr you want! aaah.

    you ALWAYS make me smile, inside and OUT!


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