8 Feb 2009

One day

One day
I shall cross the ocean;
empty hands -
headfull of dreams.
The sun will set in a different sky
and the moon will move
among other stars.
I will wonder where I am,
wriggle my toes
and you'll brush wisps of hair
out of my eyes.
Where will I be?
On what sea?
You squeeze my hand
and tell me where I am.
It is a strange place -
but we are drawn to mystery.
You and I.
That which we can only faintly see.
A little like falling in love,
hurling headfirst,
eyes closed -
not knowing what may
or may not be.
The waves crash against
our heels; we turn back
to the sea - speckled green -
kiss, and melt by the moon.


  1. I'm not too familiar with Australia's geography. Are you and your family safe from the fires?

  2. Yes we are, completely. Are you?

  3. That's an absolutely beautiful poem. My favourite along with 'I will wander through this wide world, wooed by stars.' You really are wonderful Emily.

  4. Thank you dear Alice; I'm glad you like it. It means a great deal. I think you are pretty damn wonderful yourself!


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